Are You Relocating To Minneapolis & St. Paul Area?

Did you swoon at the first sight of Minneapolis? Were you ready to fall head over heels for the charms of St. Paul? One day at Lake Calhoun, a stroll around the wide array of restaurants, one quizzical look at the big spoon and cherry in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and you've decided to pack your bags and move from another state. 

Crossing the border (or several!) is definitely a daunting process, and maybe the fierce Midwestern winters are pulling you back a little bit, but the move over to the Twin Cities is surely worth it. If you're adjusted to the high rents of either coast, no seasons, and a fast-paced lifestyle, you should prepare yourself for a culture shock, but for the better! You will love the kindness of the people and beauty of your new surroundings. 

Better yet, you don't, and won't, have to do this on your own. We're here to give you a big dose of that Midwestern hospitality we're so famous for. We provide a free Twin Cities relocation kit (which comes in a package shaped like Minnesota!) to fill you in on all the wonderful gems that are waiting to be unearthed in this vibrant and wonderful community you'll soon be a part of. Here's a list of some great spots to check out to get you started: 

Ramsey Hill in St. Paul

This one's first on the list because you're probably trying to get away from those so-called "trendy modern" spots that have no character or spirit. Instead, you're looking for places that have charm, character, and some history. Known by the locals as "Cathedral Hill" because its close proximity to the Cathedral of St. Paul, Ramsey Hill is all that and more, and is host to the beautiful and dramatic Angus Hotel, lined with numerous Victorian houses, and full of new boutiques and restaurants. Coffee lover? No problem. In this part of town, you'll find Nina's Coffee Cafe which is inside the Angus Hotel and is complete with cozy nooks and plush couches.

Downtown Wayzata 

Although Wayzata has a far more suburban feel, it's not the cookie-cutter kind with the cut-and-pasted beige houses. This has all the rustic charms you want from a small town wrapped up with a quaint, midcentury feel and a lakeside view. The downtown offers convenience and class, home to Gianni's Steakhouse, Blue Point, and some incredibly classy boutiques for Sunday shopping. This is the perfect place for your kids to run around in the open space, while you stroll along and take in that gorgeous lake view. 

Nicollet Avenue 

If you're looking for your food heaven, take a walk down Nicollet Avenue. It's combined the old with the new, embracing history while moving forward with some interesting food concepts. Pop into the Five Watt coffee shop for a coffee flavored with bitters and black pepper while listening to some soothing jazz. There are some Norwegian style brunches worth waiting for on a busy Sunday, and a wide array of other food spots that will get your mouth watering. 

These are just some of the spots our Minnesota relocation kit covers. Although we know Minnesota will always have some more unearthed riches which you're bound to discover for yourself, we've surveyed the entire land - from the people, to the communities, institutions, and neighborhoods. And we have written a comprehensive report just for you! If you're hopping over some states to join us, register for your free kit today!

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