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Moving into A Smaller Home? Downsize with These 7 Tips

moving to a smaller home

Make the most of your new small space with these smart downsizing strategies.

1. Plan Ahead

Downsizing is the best way to take control of what you own and live your best life with less. So don’t wait to make decisions–start planning your new space early and set goals. If you’re moving in with someone, you’ll want to make sure you’re both on the same page. Ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you want to live, such as if bringing your whole closet is more important than cooking. Do you have room for oversized furniture? And how much smaller is your new home really? Deciding this from the get-go will help you determine which items to keep or toss in the packing process.

2. Take Inventory of Your Stuff

Less space means less stuff. Start by scanning what you have in each room and get rid of any duplicates. This can be especially tricky in the kitchen, where you’re more likely to have extras of things like spatulas, mugs, and other items you don’t need ten of. Unless you have guests over regularly, you can part with your extra silverware, glasses, and other tableware. In other rooms with bigger items, use colored sticky notes to indicate use/non-use. And don’t forget the pantry and bathroom–toss out any old food, ingredients, or expired products. You’ll be surprised by how much goes.

3. Think Storage

You’re going to want all the storage you can get in your new small space, but think quality over quantity. When moving, select one statement piece of furniture from what you own, and then build from that. If you need to invest in new pieces, ottomans that open up, wall-mounted shelving, and under-bed boxes are great organization pieces (plus, you can squeeze in a fun trip to ...