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Renovating Your Home? What to Do With Leftover Materials

Renovating Leftovers

So, you have finally decided to start your dream renovation project. You’re ready to tear down some walls and pull up tile.

But once the fun part of breaking things apart is over, it’s time to decide what to do with all of the leftover materials. Depending on what type of materials you have, there are many options in the Twin Cities for recycling, reusing or donating those items for another use.

Wall Fixtures

Bulky items such as working appliances, bathroom fixtures, lamps, and light fixtures are all in high demand at salvage shops and organizations like Habitat for Humanity. These items are especially popular if they are vintage. Stores can take more than just the lighting fixtures and will use the light switches, covers, and wiring as well. Other appliances that work for donations include working washing machines, irons and dryers.


Whole cabinets and doors are also great items to donate, but there are many options for reusing the wood. You can break down the pieces and create a small library or a spice holder. Leftover wood can be transformed into new furniture, such as tables or wooden benches. Smaller pieces of wood can be turned into toys for children or a hipster bottle opener.

Untreated wood can be set aside for the next bonfire, or it can be used for fertilizer. You may be able to sell it or give it away to DIY people who regularly hunt sites such as Craigslist or Nextdoor. There are also organizations that accept wood donations, such as Habitat for Humanity or schools that have woodshop classes. Some schools to look into in the Minnesota area include Women’s Woodshop, Mike Siemsen’s...

Landscaping Ideas for Creating Privacy In Big And Small Yards

Landscaping Trees

No matter how big or small, backyards are our own sanctuary from a hectic world. They offer a retreat in which we can entertain friends and family or simply relax and enjoy being outdoors. This is especially true in warmer months.

Thanks to rising real estate prices, larger yards are less affordable and smaller yards are often designed with little concern for our neighbor’s proximity by penny-wise developers. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy a good book on a sunny day without hearing your neighbors electric lawn mower or an area you can easily gather guests makes no difference. Creating suitable privacy and an atmosphere you can enjoy is easily done with a few landscaping tips and a little know-how.

Solutions For Smaller Yards

Light-Colored Fences

High, solid board fences can make smaller yards feel hemmed in rather than like a private oasis. To reduce this effect, try painting fences white, or in another light tone to give your yard a feeling of added space and light.

Plant Some Greenery

These harsh lines can then be softened with additional plantings. Small shrubs, climbing vines, and vertical gardens will all provide additional interest, color, and scent to your outdoor space.

Build Climbing Planters

Smaller courtyards and patios with close neighbors can be given extra privacy with garden structures such as trellises, arbors, and open panels. These can each be planted with climbing roses or colorful flowers in hanging baskets. When combined with planter waterfalls, additional interest and privacy is provided as the sound of cascading water helps...