Award Winning Education In Minnesota

A huge stress with any move involving children is selecting the right school district. Fortunately, Minnesota’s education system is consistently highly ranked in comparison with every state in the Nation. The Twin Cities is blessed with many choices when it comes to unifying great neighborhoods with top quality school districts.

According to USNews, in 2016 Minnesota ranked #11 in the nation for overall quality of education. The states were ranked on performance in pre-K education through higher education. The measures included percentages of children enrolled in preschool, teacher training, class size and teacher-to-student ratios. They were compared in national testing of eighth-graders in math and reading, in rates of graduation from high school and college readiness.

Pre-K - 12 #8

  • College Readiness #23
  • High School Grad. Rate #32
  • NAEP Math Scores #3
  • NAEP Reading Scores #6
  • Pre-K Quality #5
  • Preschool Enrollment #1

Higher Education #25

    • 2-Year College Grad. Rate #15
    • 4-Year College Grad. Rate #16
    • Educational Attainment #3
    • Low Debt at Graduation #45
    • Tuition and Fees #38

Minnesota eighth-grade students ranked third in the nation in math proficiency and sixth in the nation for reading proficiency based on National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

Minnesota had a consistently high ACT score average compared with the national average of 20.9. It is one of the first eighteen states to provide testing for all students.

In 2010, 93.8 percent of Minnesotans 25 and older had a high school degree, compared to the national average of 87.5%.

Minnesota has produced the second largest number of National Teachers of the Year – four, second only to California and tied with Connecticut and Washington.

In the Metro we’re proud of our schools, athletics, and extra-curricular activities. When considering relocating to the Twin Cities ask how I can help meet your family’s education needs.

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